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Version 4.0 

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  F1:  Dimensions F2: Math  F3: Motion F4: Physics F5: Money F6: Misc. F7: Exit
1 Distance Prime Number Checker Speed Energy & Work Cash Convertion Fuel Consumption (Miles per gallon) Exit
2 Area Angle Measure: Degree, Radian, Gradian Acceleration Charge CrossExchangeRate 1 Fuel Consumption (Liters per 100 km) About
3 Volume Number Systems: Binary, Hexadecimal, Decimal   Pressure CrossExchangeRate 2 Currency Calculator  
4 Volume - liquid Any Base Converter   Temperature (In)Direct Quotation Tip Calculator  
5 Time Convert 3d Coordinates: Rectangular, Spherical, Cylindrical   Power   Barrels (Crude Oil)  
6 Mass Convert Polar to Rectangular/Cartesian Coordinates:
(r,theta) -> (x,y)
  Force   Find Weekday  
7   Convert Rectangular/Cartesian to Polar Coordiantes
(x,y) -> (r,theta)
  View Constant   Timer  
8   Convert Polar to Complex Coordinates:
(r,theta) -> a+bi
  Element Info (PSE)   View Date & Time  
9   Convert Complex to Polar Coordinates:
 a+bi -> (r,theta)
      Set Date  
A   Find 2-complement       Set Time