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  • Solve any Calculus, Differential Equations, Matrix, PreCalculus, Math problems instantly on your TI calculator.
  • View STEP by STEP SOLUTIONS to understand the correct solution.
  • Calculus Made Easy offers Step by Step Integration, Step by Step Differentiation as well as stepwise solutions to almost all areas of Calculus. We are the worldwide leader of Step by Step Calculus. 
  • Use for SAT/PSAT, Middle School, High School, College and University.
  • Best and most comprehensive Math software for TI89/Titanium/Voyage200.
  • Have your program running in less than 5 minutes.
  • Boost your knowledge and grades and be in the top of your class. 

User Testimonial (T.M.): Thanks!!  This stuff's great, pretty amazing when a calculator app can explain these problems to me better than my professor....

User Testimonial (J.F.):

Before discovering this program I was a C, sometimes D student. After discovering this program I have since become a straight A student in calculus II. The layout of this program is beautiful and the grouping of functions is categorized so efficiently and conveniently. This program truly is a student's best friend, my hat goes off to the programmers at SmartSoft.


User Testimonial (B.J.):

I like the portability and power of your productsYour product is definitely superior to larger companies and will take a significant market share away from many larger competitors such as Mathematica, Maple, Scientific Notebook.


User Testimonial (R.W.): 

I bought your TI-89 Calc program and I am simply amazed. This is by far the best program you can ever have for a calculator. I was struggling in my Calc class not because I did not know how to do the problems but because of mental mistakes. It was very frustrating that I could not check my work in the time I was allowed. But this program has solved my dilemma. I can do the work and then check very quickly with my calculator to make sure I didn’t make any mental mistakes. I found the Sequence and Series functions to be especially helpful saving me a lot of time. Also being able to check my homework answers are really helpful because I use to get frustrated not knowing if I was doing the problems correctly. I’ve just recently began my second semester of Calculus and I know with this program I will be able to pull one of the few A's in my classCalculus Made Easy has allowed me to understand the subject matter better in my AP Calculus class through both practical and formula applications as well as graphical interpretations. This program has saved my grade and probably my future.

User Testimonial (H.R.): 
Calculus always seemed to make sense, as long as it was the instructor doing the problems in front of the class, but that all changes when I attempt to do the problems by myself.  I forget to do one of the steps in differentiating, mess up the chain rule, or just plain forget how to do it.  Adding a trig function only makes it worse.  Calc Made Easy is like having the instructor’s cell phone number; you have access to the answers.  The menus are organized logically, and each section contains formulas and the rules about how to use them.  I never understood the benefit of working out a problem over three pages and still getting the wrong answer, I prefer to know that I have done each step correctly.  If you are like me, and need to consult your textbook for reassurance every time you work on a problem, then you will appreciate how Calc Made Easy is 10 pounds lighter, easier to locate the help that you need, and is aimed at putting solutions into your hands instead of problems.  Getting the right answer builds confidence, and that type of encouragement makes one able to understand even more.  Calc Made Easy helps you get the right answers, and does it without confusing you in the process.  I wish I would have known about it sooner. 


User Testimonial (J.B.): 
After becoming familiar with all aspects of Calculus Made Easy©  and practicing how to use the interface, I was able to become so familiar with the fundamentals of Calculus, that I was able to improve my understanding to the point where I achieved an A in the course (D was my previous grade). Calculus Made Easy© is the tool that made this improvement possible. It is one of the most helpful, user friendly, and most efficient applications dealing with a particular subject matter in the area of Mathematics. I am looking forward for the same success in Calculus II as a result of the program. I wholeheartedly recommend the application to any student of Calculus in order to improve understanding of the subject matter or grade average. Read the entire testimonial 

User Testimonial (A.G.): 
 "I bought your TI-89 Calculus program, and I like it a lot…Well, that is an understatement, it is quite possible one of the greatest things I’ve ever had. It has allowed me to check every problem I have had in my college calculus class, and because of that I am at the top of my class."

User Testimonial (M.Y.):
Great programs!...I purchased CME, PME, and matrices made easy...I was able to do almost the whole course (college algebra) using the programs you guys put together...they are the best calculator tool(s) I have come across...and I have looked VERY hard on the net...the only tool that is remotely close is Derive...which I also own...BUT...Derive is not as user yours is!  Thanks a million!

User Testimonial (A.T.): 

I am a Secondary Education Mathematics student.  CME has allowed me to understand the subject matter better in both my Calculus I and Calculus II classes through both graphical interpretations as well as practical and formula applications.  I am able to check my homework and test problems for proper methodology as well as for the correct answers.  I have found the Rotational Integrals and the Sequence and Series functions to be very helpful.  I received a B in Calculus I, only because I purchased CME just before the final.  I have a very strong A at 94.8% in my Calculus II course, and I owe a major portion of that to my CME program.  As a matter of fact there are two people in my class that are receiving A's, myself and a friend, and each of us use the program extensively.  It is a lifesaver on tests because it finds those "stupid" yet costly errors we all make, and allows me to correct them before I turn in the test.

I have also used this program when doing my student teaching.  For those students who are unable to master spatial visualizations, it is a huge help!

User Testimonial (M.W.): 

Dear SmartSoft team: Thank you very much for keeping my e-mail address in your consumer's list. The Calculus Made Easy version 9.0, that I originally installed in my TI-89 Titanium back in January 2008, has been a tremendous application in helping me comprehend my Calculus I course this semester. I got an "A" grade in the course.

Last semester prior to my purchase of your CME, I had to withdraw from the Calculus I course because I fell too far behind to get a good grade because I had no tutorial aid to help me and I did not know about CME then. I accidentally stumbled upon finding the CME application back in January 2008, when I needed to upgrade the operating system in my TI-89 Titanium in order to download another application, when I noticed the CME application on the list of downloadable applications for the TI-89 Titanium. This accidental discovery turned out to be the best thing to happen to me because getting that "A" grade in Calculus helped raise my overall GPA to 3.5 and now I have a good chance to transfer from my Community college to a 4 year university to finish toward earning my Bachelors Degree in Business. The CME application was truly the major difference maker in achieving my excellent grade in Calculus I from the previous at the subject on my own. I actually learned and comprehended the steps that were needed to get the answers through the use of CME. CME was well worth me getting because this application will be useful to me when I take Calculus 2 and 3 as elective courses. Therefore, having CME in my TI-89 Titanium will be a tremendous aid to me when I take Calculus 2 and 3 as elective courses in my coming semesters. Finally, keep me in mind when I write you to let you know when I will be taking one required course in each of the sciences to finish out taking all my required liberal art subjects, so that if you have application software in Chemistry, Physics and Biology that can be downloaded into my TI-89 Titanium, I would definitely be interested in acquiring them when the time come in the very near future that I would be taking those courses.
Afterwards, the only courses I will have left to take will be all of my business courses, which is not the recommended way to take college courses, but was my preferred way of earning my college credits. Anyway, I just wanted to send your SmartSoft team a reply letter to thank you for your innovative application tools and to continue to keep me informed via my e-mail address for any applications that you know that I can download into my TI-89 Titanium that will help me in my Business major.

When I received your e-mail that stated that I could upgrade my CME from version 9.0 to 9.2 for free by using my same activation key, I installed it immediately. Thank you for the e-mail reminder. I will purchase your Business application when I am through taking all of my required liberal art courses.