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TI Connect Software Download And Further Information

How do I transfer an App to my calculator?


2. Using TI Connects Device Explorer, simply drag the downloaded App (Download apps at www.ti89.com/apps ) onto your TI Device Explorer window. Alternatively, right mouse click the app and select Send to TI Device.

3. You may just want to watch this brief HOW-TO-TRANSFER-A-TI89-APP Youtube Video

WARNING: Use the correct TI Connect software!

There are two similar looking TI Connect software products, but only "TI-CONNECT SOFTWARE" allows the transfer of TI89 apps. Download it here: TI-CONNECT SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD
Note its yellow-blue colored logo.

However, the so called "TI CONNECT CE SOFTWARE" allows file transfers to the TI-84 calculator only. Read more about this TI84 software on TIs website at : TI-CONNECT CE SOFTWARE
Note its blue-green colored logo.

Question: "I have a MAC computer. Can I still transfer apps to my TI 89?"

Not a problem at all. TI has created TI-CONNECT for MACINTOSHS which can be downloaded here: TI-CONNECT for MACS

Also, read our post on connecting TI89s to MAC computers HERE.

Again, please dont download TI Connect CE by accident as it only works with TI-84 calculators. Always think yellow-blue!

How do I run the app?

After installing a "Made Easy" app, press APPS and select your acquired application. Press ENTER to confirm.
Alternatively, you may click the MADE EASY star-shaped icon. This works if your Desktop view is enabled under MODE F3, it is enabled by default but could be disabled.