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  F1: Law 1&2 F2: Closed   F3: Control   F4: Heat F5: Eff. F6: Gas Laws F7: More F8:  Exit
1 Solve for any variable:
1st Law 1st Law Conduction Heat Engine Boyle's Gas Law View 24 information for each of the 111 Elements in the Periodic Table. Search using Atomic Numbers, Symbols or Element names. Exit
2 Solve for any variable:
2nd Law 2nd Law Convection Refrigeration Charles' Gas Law Thermodynamic Properties of the Elements in the periodic table About
3 Solve for any variable:
Mass Balance Mass Balance Radiation Heat Pump Gay-Lussac Gas Law Find Molecule Mass  
4 Solve for any variable:
  Unsteady-1st Law Int Rev Heat Turbine Combined Gas Law All in 1 Converter  
5 Solve for any variable:
  Unsteady- 2nd Law Boundary Work Compressor Ideal Gas Law Balance Equations - Info  
6 Solve for any variable:
    Rev Steady Flow Nozzle Adiabatic Expansion Reactions  
7 Solve for any variable:
        Gas Sum Law View Constants  
8 Solve for any variable:
        Graham's Gas Law Specific Heats  
9 Solve for any variable:
        Expansion Formulas: 
Isobaric, Adiabatic & Isobaric & Isometric  Expansion 
A Linear           Maxwell Equation Solutions  
B Double Linear              
C Quality