Successful Ti89 App purchase.

1) An email containing your activation key as well as detailed installation information for your APP was sent to the email address you provided at the PayPal check-out.
Please also check your Bulk Mail folder.
In case the automated email does not find your mailbox please contact us at and we will manually email you asap during daily business hours 8am-8pm EST.

2) First download your app at  

3) Do you have enough MEMORY available?
Some apps such as Calculus Made Easy are comprehensive and thus use a large amount of memory:
ASSURE to have 160,000 of RAM and 295,000 of Flash ROM available (check under 2nd 6)
We suggest to first RESET ALL MEMORY (Press 2nd 6 , F1: RESET ALL Memory)
Backup your files using the TI-Connect software (Actions -> Backup Device) if you wish.
(Recall that all preloaded programs can freely be downloaded at )

4) To transfer the APP to your calculator:
1) Using the TI Device Explorer of the TI-Connect software (downloadable at ), simply drag the saved APP onto your TI Device Explorer window. Watch a How-To-Video here. Alternatively, right mouse click the app and select SEND to TI Device.

2) Enter the activation key during the installation process and the APP will start correctly. Note that you have to enter the activation key only once in a life time (unless your calculator crashes. For this case please record the key.

You may also want to read the
a) CME user  guide at for correct usage and error handling.
b) Installation guide at .
c) Documentation at .

5) Trouble with Installation? Try this...
a) Make sure your devise is properly connected to the cable and the cable is to the computer. Try installing 3 free APPS from TI's website.
b) Note that the activation key is NOT case sensitive.
c) If the activation key is not accepted: Assure that you did not provide an incorrect devise ID. It is not uncommon for a user to mistake a letter 'B' for the number '8' or a '0' for a 'D'. If in doubt, email me a screen shot of the About screen, so I can assure correctness.
d) Some users had to delete the just purchased APP after unsuccessfully entering the activation key AND then resend it to the calculator. For some reason that worked. Also assure that trial and previous version are deleted.
e)  You get the Error: Variable or Flask application is locked, protected or archived?
     Read how to reset memory.
    (This is a common error for the Calculus Made Easy APP as it requires a large amount of the RAM available - only while running.)
    ASSURE to have 160,000 of RAM and 285,000 of Flash ROM available, if you don't do this:
    1.) 2nd - (VAR-LINK) allows you to delete or archive files. This will free up RAM that you need to run Calculus 
         Made Easy.
    2.) If trouble persists: Do 2nd 6 then F1 and select RESET ALL MEMORY or take out the 4 AAA and the backup battery for 1 minute. Next install Calculus Made Easy first.
    3.) Note: Deleting the preloaded Application using 2nd - , F7 not only provides more Flash ROM but also RAM.
    4.) Note: If a dialog box requests permission to COLLECT GARBAGE press ENTER to grant permission. This  
                 simply streamlines your memory. Read more in the TI89 User Manual.  
f) If none of the above works: Save all programs on your TI devise to your computer, reset your memory ('MEM' , then select 'All Memory'. Your Advanced Mathematics Software version (find it in F1: Tools -> About) may be old. If you have a TI89Tit or Voyage200: use OS 3.10 , for a TI89: use 2.09). IF necessary, upgrade using the TI-Connect Software (select Actions -> Updates.) . Download the latest OS version from TI's website. Then reinstall the APP first.
7) If everything fails, email us a screen shot of the ABOUT screen.

6)  Assure to select ENGLISH as language under MODE, then F3.

Should you have further questions, please contact us at  .