1) From Collegeboard.com  


"This TI-89 program is an excellent collection of subprograms and menus that will help the user solve almost every imaginable calculus problem and recall useful theorems, definitions, and rules. 

The program automates many of the TI-89 built-in functions with entry screens, dialog boxes, and hints, and adds many others (for example, slope fields, velocity problems, and tests for convergence). Instructors will enjoy using this program for in-class demonstrations, and students will want to use this for homework help and even while taking the AP Exam. 

While individual copies of the program sell for $149.95, a site license is available." 

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2) User Testimonial (A.G.): 


 "I bought your TI-89 calc program, and I like it a lot…Well, that is an understatement, it is quite possible one of the greatest things I’ve ever had. It has allowed me to check every problem I have had in my college calculus class, and because of that I am at the top of my class."


3) User Testimonial (J.B.): 

Recently I bought a TI-89 Titanium to help me with Calculus I and Calculus II. The calculator itself is a great tool; however, I needed an even more powerful tool in conjunction with the calculator to help me solve integration, derivation, and related rate problems. I researched many different applications, and finally, I encountered Calculus Made Easy©. I purchased the program and became very familiar with its interface. I found it very easy to use. Because the program is organized around the key elements of Calculus, it provides a clear, organized, and expeditious method to get results to practically every fundamental aspect of solving Calculus problems. When I started Calculus I, on my first exam I received a D. However, after becoming familiar with all aspects of the program and practicing how to use the interface, I was able to become so familiar with the fundamentals of Calculus, that I was able to improve my understanding to the point where I achieved an A in the course. Calculus Made Easy© is the tool that made this improvement possible. It is one of the most helpful, user friendly, and most efficient applications dealing with a particular subject matter in the area of Mathematics. I am looking forward for the same success in Calculus II as a result of the program. I wholeheartedly recommend the application for any student of Calculus in order to improve his or her understanding of the subject matter or grade average.




3) Students' testimony: 


A.C.: "It is the best Calculus program in the world because it covers everything that is AP Calculus relevant."   
L.N.: "It cut down a lot of time on checking answers, it helped a great deal."
R.R.: "I learned a lot of Calculus by using the program."    
P.W.: "The program makes learning Calculus really easy. The animations help a great deal. This program was created with a lot of care."
M.S.: "I am not quite sure how I would have survived AP Calculus without the program



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