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 Solve Statistics or Probability problems instantly...Step by Step

  • Users have boosted their Statistics and Probability knowledge.

  • Shows Step by Step solutions for most Statistics and Probability topics.

  • Step by Step Confidence Intervals for mean, proportion, 2 means, 2 proportions, variance, slope, etc.

  • Compute Sample Sizes for Confidence Intervals.

  • Step by Step Tests of Significance (Z-Tests, T-Tests, ChiSquare Goodness of Fit and Independence tests, 2-sample T tests, 2 proportion Z tests, for Variance,  etc)

  • Step by Step Non-Parametric Tests: Wilcoxon Sign Test, Rank Sum Test, Signed Rank Test, Kruskal Wallis Test, Friedman Test, etc.

  • Step by Step F Test for 2 variances

  • Step by Step ANOVA to test multiple means.

  • Step by Step 2-way ANOVA.

  • Step by Step Linear Regression.

  • Read about how Confidence Intervals behave.

  • Read about how Significant Tests: Type 1 Error, Type 2 Error, Power of a Test.

  • Much easier handling than other Statistics packages:
    Choose to enter Data or Statistic values. Select Significant/Confidence Levels easily. 

  • Distributions: plot them, shade them where desired, compute probabilities, etc.

  • Includes Binomial, Negative Binomial, Geometric, Normal, Student-t, Exponential, Poisson, Uniform, Sampling, Multinomial, Hypergeometric, F-, Chi-Square and more Distributions. 

  • Probability Checker for independent events, disjoint events.
    Also solves P(A or B)=P(A)+P(B)-P(A and B) for the unknown.  

  • Regressions: Linear , Quadratic, Cubic, Quartic, Sinusoidal, Logarithmic, Exponential, Power, MedMed

  • Study Residuals and plot them

  • Step by Step Derive the Coefficients for a Linear Regression Line, the Coefficient of Determination and the Correlation Coefficient.

  • Read Theorems such as Central Limit Theorem, Random Variables, about Confidence Intervals and Tests, etc

  • Also: Z-score Solver, Random Number Generator, etc

  • 1 or 2 variable stats on mean, mode, median, standard deviation, variance, range, harmonic and geometric mean 

  • Plots: BoxPlots, x-y Plots, Scatter Plots, Histograms, Modified Box Plot

  • View a simulation of the Law of Large Numbers, Read about Simpson Paradox.

  • Compute Marginal and Conditional Probabilities.

  • Read About Surveys, Samples, Population, Parameter, Statistics, Observational Studies vs Experiments.

  • Random Variables: Compute Variance, Expected Value and Standard Deviation.

  • Additional Modules on: Probability, Combinatorics, Percentages, Ratios, Proportions, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, Exponential Function Solver, Expand and Condense Logarithms, Algebra, Equation Solver  

  • Multiple Regression Analysis Step by Step incl. Statistical Tests (optional table displays as in other software packages) , Confidence Intervals and Prediction Intervals.

  • ANOVA and 2way ANOVA - Step by Step

  • Control Charts

  • Step by Step Power-, Beta- , Type 2 Error Analysis for Z Tests for Means and Proportions. 

  • Non-Parametric Tests for 1 sample: Sign Test, Rank Sum Test

  • Friedman Test

  • Normal Probability Plot with Quantiles

  • Weibull, Gamma and Beta Distributions.

  • Joint, Marginal and Conditional Probabilities for both Continuous and Discrete distributions.

  • Find cdf given pdf and vice versa.

  • Margin of Error computation

  • NormInv() , Tinv() to find critical values given p-values.

  • Ideal for quick review and homework check.

  • Easy to use. Just plug in and the correct answer shows.

  • Read the Documentation

  • Read the SPME User Guide


"I have both SPME and Equation Solver and, to me, are some of the most useful software I have ever owned. I am an owner of a marketing consulting firm and work with two universities and their MBA programs (Quant. Analysis and Statistics courses for Marketing executives) and the software is easier to use and more intuitive than Excel. In addition, the support is industry leading. I have inquired many times for help and the step by step problem solving that was provided is a value add that exceeds the costs of the programs by many times. Support like that in today's world is unheard of. It is as though they wrote the software for me. I intend to purchase Accounting Finance Business Made Easy in the next few weeks."
Steve P, Director, SBP Group

I first bought one of these programs for my college algebra class over 2 years ago and loved it. I do not think I would have passed my class without it. Since then I have bought 10 of these programs and find uses for them everyday in my job. I used the statistics and the business programs for my Six Sigma master certificate 6 months ago. Let me tell you, these programs were a lifesaver as my six sigma black belt project concentrated heavily on statistics. I would highly recommend these programs to anyone who is looking to succeed.
V. S.

Worth every penny!!! Two years ago I purchased the 5 app special and Im still discovering new capabilities on a regular basis. A must have for every student and professional. I am still amazed by how much time and thought the designers invested in these programs. I can honestly say they did a great job and they stand by their product. Customer service/technical help is impressive too!! Thanks Guys...Garrett

 Sample Capabilities:



The main menu
Confidence Intervals -
with ease and steps
CI for a mean with known
Standard Deviation
Statistical Tests -
with ease and steps
Z Test for proportions Chi Square Goodness of Fit Test
Analyze data -
with ease and steps
Find Mean, geom. mean, mode, median, std dev, variance, range Choose among Scatter plots, x-y plots, box plots, histograms.
Distributions -
with ease and steps
Binomial Distribution Normal Distribution
with ease and steps
F Test -
with ease and steps
Non Parametric Tests:
The Sign Test -
with ease and steps
Non Parametric Tests:
Kruskal Wallis Test -
with ease and steps
Regressions -
with ease and steps
Linear Regression Residuals with detailed analysis
Compute Sample Size -
with ease and steps
Sample size for CI for mean with know standard deviation
Marginal and Conditional   Distribution
Just enter the table and press enter.
Simulation :
Law of Large Numbers
Flip a coin many times and see how its head proportion gets closer to 1/2
Random Variables -
with ease and steps
Probabilities -
with ease and steps
Probability checker for independent and disjoint events. View rules and examples of probabilities.  Compute expected values
Exponential and Logarithmic-
  Functions and Rules
Perform the Log rules - Step by Step