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Solve any SAT/PSAT Problem instantly.
  • The most comprehensive SAT/PSAT APP for calculators.

  • Users have boosted their SAT knowledge & scores.

  • Ideal for quick review in all SAT classes as well as classes involving Trigonometry, Statistics, Functions, Algebra, Matrices, Geometry, Complex Numbers, Sequences and Limits.

  • Easy to use. Just plug in the equation or numbers and the correct answer shows.


  • Read the SATME - User Guide



1a) Algebra: Ex: Solve Inequalities  


1b) Algebra: Ex: Solve Equalities


2) Algebra: Ex: Solve System of Equations


3) Solve any Function or Trigonometry Problem


4a) Statistics: Ex:Find Average, Median, Mode


4a) Statistics: Ex: Percentages - Convert Fraction to Percentage and more.


5) Geometry: Ex: Find Distance, Midpoint, Slope and Line Equation given two points


6) Misc: Sequences - Ex: Find Formula for given Sequence


7) Count Integers with certain properties (repeated digits)