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  • The most comprehensive PreCalculus APP for calculators.

  • Users have boosted knowledge & grades.

  • Ideal for quick review in all PreCalculus areas such as Functions (Polynomial, Exponential, Logarithmic and Trigonometric Functions), Trigonometry, Statistics, Discrete Mathematics, Algebra, Matrices, Complex Numbers, Sequences, Introductory Calculus.

  • Easy to use. Just plug in the equation and the correct answer shows.



Solve any PreCalculus Problem instantly Read Tutorials for most Pre-Calculus lessons Solve any Triangle  Solve any Matrix Problem
Solve any (set of) equation(s) for any variable
Find Domain of any Function
Synthetic Division
Find Range for any Function
Solve any Triangle,
View a Full Unit Circle
Find Inverses
Find X or Y Intercepts
Quadratic Functions: graph, find vertex or intercepts.
Multiply, Divide, Add, and Subtract Matrices

Find Tangent Lines,
Find Integrals
Find Derivatives
Arithmetic and Geometric
Sequences and Series
Compose Functions
Exponential Functions:
Solve for any variable.  
      and much more : read here