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  • View Step by Step solutions for such topics.

  • Step by Step Risk-Return Analysis

  • Step by Step Stock Analyzer: Average Return, Standard Deviation, Variance, Covariance, Alpha and Beta

  • Step by Step Stock's Beta Computation

  • Step by Step Asset and Equity Beta

  • Step by Step CAPM Security Market Line Solver

  • Step by Step Company Valuation and Value & Cash Flow

  • CAPM Discount Rate

  • 2 and 3 Asset Portfolio Analyzer

  • SIM Models

  • Vasicek Forecast

  • Step by Step Covariance Computation

  • Step by Step Weighted Mean Computation

  • Diversification, Target Return, APT Equilibrium,

  • Skewness and Kurtosis

  • Portfolio Selector via Criteria: Harmonic Mean, Roy, Telser, Kataoka

  • Bond Price with or without accrued Interest

  • Black Scholes, Warrant Price, Down-and-out Put

  • Utility under Uncertainty

  • Risk Premiums

  • Stochastic Dominance

  • Game Theory and Markoff Chains

  • Decision Analysis

  • Analytic Hierarchy Process

  • Financial Management

  • Capital Budgeting

  • Statistics, Regression and Forecasting

  • Ratios

  • Combinatorics and Probability

  • BONDS: Law of 1 Price, Current yield, Duration, Convexity, YTM, Amortization Schedules, Discount on Bond, Zero Coupon, Eff. Interest Rate, etc


Portfolio Analysis

  • Step by Step Portfolio Beta Computation

  • Step by Step Portfolio with Target Beta

  • Step by Step Optimal Market Portfolio

  • Step by Step Optimal 2 Asset Portfolio

  • Step by Step 2 and 3 Asset Portfolio Analysis (either based on Var/Covariance or on Correlation Coefficients)

  • Step by Step Target Return Portfolio

  • Study Diversification Effects

  • Step by Step APT Equilibrium 


  • Step by Step Bonds: Law of 1 Price

  • Current Yield

  • Bond Duration

  • Yield to Maturity

  • Bond Amortization Schedule

  • Present Value Zero Coupon

  • Effective Interest Rate

  • Warrant Price

  • Convexity


  • Step by Step Black Scholes Model

  • Step by Step Down-and-Out Put

  • Money Solver

  • Future Value compounded annually, semi-annually, monthly, etc

  • Regression Models of any Type

  • Forecasting

  • Statistics, Probability, Combinatorics and Algebra Tools

  • Ratios, Percentages

  • Markup and Margin Computations

  • Game Theory Analysis

  • Markoff Chains

  • Matrix and Vector Computations

  • Decision Analysis

  • Analytic Hierarchy Process

  • Linear Programming

  • Margin and Demand Analysis

  • and much more....


Stock Analyzer:
Mean, Variance, Standard Deviation, Covariance, Regression, Alpha and Beta 
Equity and Asset Beta  
CAPM Line Solver  
Compute Stock Beta   
Company Valuation  
 Company Value  
Company Discount Rate  
Compute Covariance
Step by Step
Weighted Mean  
Compute Portfolio Beta  
Compute Beta
from Correlation Coefficient and Standard Deviation
Portfolio with Target Beta  
Optimal Market Portfolio  
Optimal 2 Asset Portfolio  
2 Asset Portfolio Analysis  
3 Asset Portfolio Analysis  
Target Return Portfolio  
Diversification Effects  
APT Equilibrium  
Law of 1 Price  
Current Yield  
Bond Duration  
Black Scholes Model  
Down-and-Out Put