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Version 5.0

 (Requires about 180,000 Bytes of RAM , archive any other files. ) 

  F1:  Mechanics F2: Waves+ F3: Energy F3: Electricity and Magnetism F4: More F5:  Exit
1 Vectors Waves and Vibrations
includes 9 formulas
Kinetic Electricity: includes 17 formulas.
Force, Field, Voltage, ΔVoltage, Coulomb Law,
Modern Physics (Quantum Physics, Dilations, Electron Orbits, Energy, etc) Exit
2 Kinematics: includes Linear Motion, Free Fall, Throw Object, Projectiles, Relative Velocity, Light
includes 14 formulas
Potential Magnetism:
Force/Path in Field
Planets About
3 1-dim Motion Optics
includes Reflection, Refraction, Wave Optics, Optical Instruments.
Miscellaneous: includes Heat, Dissipated, W=F*s*cos(θ),
includes 8 Formulas.
Gravitation and Orbits  
4 Forces: includes Resultant, Sum of Forces, Unknown Force, Block on Table, Weight of Cables, Box up/down Incline, Pulley with 2 masses Sound
includes 5 formulas (i.e. Doppler Effect)
includes 12 formulas (i.e. Kirchhoff Laws)
View 24 information for each of the 111 Elements in the Periodic Table. Search using Atomic Numbers, Symbols or Element names.  
5 Resultant
Entering two vectors (Ex Force or Velocity) yields the resultant vector.
includes 11 formulas
  Resistor Band (both ways: 4 Bands/Color Code to Resistance and vice versa)  8 Gas Laws  
6 Simple Harmonic: Max. Velocity, Max Acceleration, Formulas.       Specific Heats  
7 Rotational (incl. Moment of Inertia, Rotational Power & Work, Parallel axis theorem)       Unit Converter  
8 Rotational Solver       Constants  
9 Momentum          
A Torque          
B Projectile at Angle           
C Pressure, Force & Area          
D Center of Mass          
E STEP BY STEP -  Physic Applications:
-Work Across Floor
-Ball hits glove
-Object skids
-Man on Trampoline etc
F Rigid Body          
G Friction Solver