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 Solve any Number Theory problem instantly.

  • The most comprehensive Number Theory APP for calculators.

  • Users have boosted their Number Theory knowledge.

  • Shows step by step solutions for some Number Theory topics such as RSA Encryption, Euler's Phi Function, Solving Congruences, Euclidean Algorithm, Perfect Numbers, Finding GCD and LCM, Euclid's Theorem on Number of Primes, etc.

  • Includes Diophantine Equations Solver, Mersenne, Prime and CoPrime Checker, Extended Euclidean Algorithm, Perfect Numbers. Perform Modular Arithnmetic, Ring vs Field, Find the Order of Integers mod M, Finding Inverse mod M, Primitive Roots, Quadratic Reciprocity, Solving Congruences Ax=B mod M and x^2=A mod M, Compute Legendre Symbol, and more.

  • Verify Theorems and Conjectures such as Chinese Remainder Theorem, Fermat's Little and Last Theorem, Euler's Theorem, Goldbach Conjecture, Twin Primes.       

  • Contains both Theorems, Rules and Computations.

  • Also: Step by Step Complex Numbers, Step by Step Synthetic Division, Matrix Computations, Combinatorics (incl. Combinations and Permutations), Sequences, Quadratic Equations (Completing the square - step by step), Solve 2x2 or nxn System of Equations and much more...  

  • Continued Fractions

  • Ideal for quick review and homework check.

  • Easy to use. Just plug in and the correct answer shows.


User Testimonial (B.T.):
NME is Phenomenal.  Great application for those crossing over from Calculus to Discrete math, number theory, and Abstract Algebra. I have also perused all of the applications and was thoroughly impressed. This program is a beast, give your programmers a tap on the back for me.  You guys have outdone yourselves with this one. the only thing missing in the repertoire is the Abstract Algebra. (Note: This was added in v2.0 , see below.)  

NEW in Version 2.0
- Collatz
- Perform Wilson's Theorem
- Prime Number Theorem
- Composite Numbers
- Dirichlet Box Principle
- Amicable Numbers
- Divisibilty Criteria
- Abstract Algebra: Fields, Rings, Groups, 
  Homomorphisms, Isomorphisms,  
  Ideals, etc
- Perform Permutation Groups using Matrices

 Sample Capabilities:



Find Primes or CoPrimes  
Euclidean Algorithm  
Create Mod Tables
for +, -, *
RSA Encryption  
Primitive Roots  
Solve Linear Congruence  
Solve Quadratic Congruence
Fermat's Little Theorem  
Collatz Conjecture