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Solve Linear Algebra questions stepwise using the TI89 Calculator

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Solve any Linear Algebra problem instantly.
  • The most comprehensive Linear Algebra APP for calculators.

  • Users have boosted their Linear Algebra knowledge.

  • LAME contains what our Matrix software contains but also covers topics such
    as Linear Transformations, Vectorspaces, Kernel, Spanning Sets, Linear Combinations, Bases, (Column) Subspace (as text), and  finds Orthonormal Bases (via Gram Schmidt), Bases for Row Space, Column Space, Null Space, Nullity, and more.  

  • Step by Step - Gram Schmidt Algorithm

  • Step by Step - Diagonalization

  • Step by Step - Row Echelon Algorithm

  • Step by Step - Find Kernel and Range

  • Step by Step - System of Equations with 1 or 2 Parameters

  • Step by Step - LU Decomposition

  • Ideal for quick review in all Matrix and Linear Algebra classes.

  • Easy to use. Just plug in the matrix/vector and the correct answer shows.


User Testimonial O.W.:

This software is incredible: it allows me to solve any Linear Algebra problem, typically step by step!  Plus:  I can carry the program with me at all times.  

1) Matrices

  • Enter (Random) Matrices A and B easily (MME has its own Matrix Editor) under F1:,

  • Ideal for Matrix and Vector Classes.

  • View A,B,AT, BT , even as Binary or Hexadecimal numbers, etc

  • Perform 30+ Matrix Computations (under F2) such as A+B, A-B, k*A, A*B, B*A, A-1, det(A), Eigenvalues, LU and QR - Factorization, Norm, Trace,  more .

  • Step by Step - Simplex Algorithm.

  • Step by Step - Gaussian Elimination.

  • Step by Step - Find Inverse

  • Step by Step - Find Determinant

  • Step by Step - Row Echelon and Reversal (REF and RREF)

  • Step by Step - Gauss and Gauss Jordan Elimination

  • Step by Step - Cramer Rule

  • Step by Step - EigenValues and EigenVectors.

  • Step by Step - Square Root Matrix

  • Solve any n by n system of equations. 

  • Rotation Matrices, Magic Squares and much more.

  • OrthoNormal Basis

  • Nullity, Null-, Row- and ColumnSpace Basis.

  • Cross and Dot Product, UnitVector, Angle between Vectors

  • Projection A onto B, Distance A to B,  etc ...

  • Vector Differentiation and Integration

  • Test Orthogonality, Find Orthogonal Vector, Test Independence

  • Read Documentation here.

Matrices - Editing and Computing

Step by Step
EigenValues and EigenVectors
Find Orthonormal Basis
Read Definitions on Vectorspaces, Linear Transformations, Subspaces, Null Spaces, etc
Step by Step -
Find Nullity 
Step by Step Determinant
Step by Step Inverse
Step by Step RowEcholon
Step by Step ReverseRowEcholon
Step by Step ReverseRowEcholon symbolically.
 Step by Step Solve a 2x2 System
Step by Step Cramers Rule
Step by Step Simplex Algorithm
Rotations using Matrices
Magic Squares (here 4x4)
     2) Vectors 
  • Vectors are edited under F1 as well.
  • Under F4, Read about vectors, graph vector A or A+B . 
  • Find angle betw. A and  x-axis or betw. A and vector B
  • Find Distance A to B , Project A onto B 
  • Vector Differentiation and Integration
  • Find Unit Tangent & Normal Vectors along Tangent Line
  • Compute Length(A),

  • Compute Unit vectors.



  • CrossProduct,

  • DotProduct

  • more 

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