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Download : Best TI89 Games
Super Mario Super Mario!!!!
Kirby's Quest Kirby's Quest
Earth Mission Earth Mission
Atomic Arena Atomic Arena
Avalanche BomberMan
BomberMan 2 Players only on the same Calc.
airmission_ti89.zip Air Mission
Air Mission is a game of plane which places you at the dashboard of two different aircraft (a fighter and a transport aircraft) through 10 long and varied missions, being held on a giant map where you will find many enemy. Be ready to improvise a parachuting, to bombard strategic sites or to fight an air battle helped by allied helicopters... This game exists in french and in english.
bomber2p.zip BomberMan
BomberMan 2 Players only on the same Calc.
bomberdude.zip Bomber Dude
This is a bomberman like game where instead of fighting monsters, you fight against an AI. Lot's of different maps and different bonuses. The (beautiful) sprites and tiles are coming from multiple bomberman game. The best part (in my opinion) is the multiplayer mode where you can play against a friend.
brice.zip Brice Simulator
Here's completely the game of Brice of Nice! Will you manage to break everything from northwest to southeast, without touching the Corse Island? It's my first game in C, so don't be too cross with me ;)
demo256.zip Games Pack
A clone of Falldown and a clone of Nibbles, each fitting in *only* 256 bytes! You have no good reason not to have them on your calculator ;-)
fzbomber.zip FlashZ BomberMan
Another fast and beautiful BomberMan for the ti-68k calculators.
jezzballclassic89.zip Jezzball - Classic
Just a classic Jezzball,written in C using TIGCC,so no need of kernels,library....Complete with 3 difficulty levels and highscores,that are saved in an external file (allows you to archive the game).Mail me if you make an highscore,I'll update the game with it... NOTE :you can now download the source of the game in the 'TI89 /ASM/Sources' section ... add new highscore in this version.
krt2.zip Kill [Random Terrorist]
Go through seven different missions to kill the terrorist. There's a variety in gameplay, and different skill levels to keep you entertained for a while, so have fun. (You WILL need a launcher, since I'm lazy) If you have any questions/comments, e-mail me.
oragepack.zip Orage Pack
This is a pack containing 4 games inspired by WarioWare for GBA. There is Chiritori, a game where you can play form 2 to 4 player at a time . There also is "Jump Forever" where... you jump forever ! (the speed of the rope changes and you have to move sideways too). There's "Paper Plane", where you have to maneuver down a scrolling maze. And finally there's "Skate Board" (game added in v1.1) where you have to dodge obstacles. Check out the screenshots!
pac3d68k.zip Pacman 3D 
This is version v0.5 of Pacman 3D, by Malcolm Smith. This game is a 3D version of the classic game Pacman. The objective of the game is to eat all of the dots, while avoiding the ghosts. If you find a super-dot (dot with a star), it makes the ghosts run away from you, and if you catch them, you can eat them as well. The 3D rendering part of this game is courtesy of the FAT Engine, by Thomas Nussbaumer. This game has internal levels, plus support for external levels. There is no oncalc level editor, but you can download the SDK (separate, under Windows Utilities) to create levels.
pacman89.zip Pac-Man! 
Remember the 80's? This game is very similar to the original. It has the same board, the same style, and even the ghosts all share the same path-finding algorithms as the ones in the original game! There are 9 challenges you can complete to unlock a new game mode, it runs at a smooth 30 fps, and can get very addicting. Check out the screen shots and Readme. **TITANIUM COMPATIBLE**
pacman.zip Pacman
A 68k remake of the greatest arcade game ever made. This version of Pacman focuses on the traditional, addictive gameplay of the original. Features include a classic and timed mode of gameplay, a full 15 original levels, and two highscore lists
splinter.zip Splinter Cell 89
This game is not a real adaptation of the famous game ( the graphics are better on mine :-)). The gameplay is the same : you've to avoid enemies (or kill them) because if they see you , the mission is aborted. There is only one mission (five maps) yet.
Alex Tron Alex Tron
A greatly improved version of Tron 89.
Black Jack Black Jack 
This is a very advanced Black Jack game. Features include: Great Card Graphics, Challenge Mode, High Score Mode, 3 Levels of Difficulty, 3 Save Files, Win/Loss Tracker, Money Won/Lost Tracker, Skill and Financial Statuses, Cheats (including another card game), Realistic Scoring, Double Down, Surrender, Insurance, Split Hands, a Real Deck, and much more!
Golf Golf
This is a golf game for the TI-89. It has multiple features, such as 9 or 18 hole play, 1 to 4 players, 3 courses and a high score list.
Craps Craps
This is a verry simple basic game modeled after the dice game craps. For those of you who don't know craps is a game where people bet on dice roles. This game is in the dialog boxis and has no graphics at all. please make improvements to the game as it could use many.
Dance Dance Dance Dance Revolution 
This is a DDR clone in PURE BASIC! Nothing but BASIC programming was used in this game. Play through four levels of difficulty and the new ENDURANCE mode. Check out the srceenshots and readme for all the details.
Magarena Magarena
This is a MASSIVE ti-basic game. It is a turn based game in which you and the monster take turns pummeling each other. 
Puissance4 Puissance4
Here is a game called Puissance 4, a game with both single-player and 2 player modes. Single player includes an easy AI, but i will work on a better one for the next version.
Quest: The Saga Quest 
Your quest is to seek out and destory the black mages. Battle various creatures to up your stats and gain money to improve weapons and armor. This is a port of the 83 Plus version, which can be found in the 83 Plus games section of this site.
RolePlayingGame Role Playing
A simple yet fun role playing game. You can choose you race, battle enemies, change regions, buy new items and spells, and change your preferences. It features 3 fully functional races, 9 different enemies in 3 different regions, and a full complement of options. It also now supports a full menu-bar for the main menu.
Sheep Shock Sheep Shock
This is a game where one must use a pointer to kill sheep. You must kill 75 sheep to win the game. They move up and down randomly and from left to right. If 15 sheep go beyond the right side of the screen, you lose. If you waste your 99 ammo, you also lose. The controls are great, gameplay is quick. Fun and addictive.
TRON 89 A Game of Tron
Poker Poker
This is the most advanced TI-89 Poker game to date. Features include: Great Card Graphics, Free Play Mode, High Score Mode, 3 Save Files, High Scores, Money Spent/Gained Tracker, An Outcome Tally, Other Statistics, Earnable Cheats, Unlockable Backs, The Option To Have A Real Deck, 1 or 2 Decks To Draw From, Wild 2's, Jokers, a Revolutionary Bet Screen, and Much More!
Who Wants to be a Millionaire Who wants to be a Millionaire
A classic who wants to be a millionaire game with great graphics and an on-calc question editor. When you are sending files from computer to calc, please make sure the function wraptext is in the million folder, otherwise the game won't work. Otherwise, this game is bug-free. 
Yahtzee Yahtzee
This is the clasic dice game called yatzee. 
Ye Olde Text Adventure I Text Game
A text game made to test the format I'm trying for the TI-89. Very short, but has a save game function anyway. There are 3 ways you can die and 1 way you can win. I called it Titanium Edition because that's the calc I made it on, but it works on regular 89s too, so don't worry about it.