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F1:  Logic F2:  Functions f(x) F3: Linear F4: Linear Programming F5: Relations F6: More F7:  Exit
Truth Tables Definition of Functions Plotting Points Linear Programming: Find maximum given constraints
All in One Relation Analyzer: Finds Mr Mtarix, path lengths, In and Out Degree, Domain and Range   Game Theory Step by Step Analysis Exit
Proposition Laws Compute f(a) Find Distance, Midpoint, Slope Linear Programming: Find minimum given constraints
Find In and Out Degree, Domain and Range Markoff Chains About
Set Theory Facts ALL (function properties)
All about y=|x| Graph Inequalities Find Product Set Vectors&Matrices
incl. Simplex Algorithm (STEP BY STEP)
Set Theory Laws Find Zeros of
Find Point- Slope Form Graph Region Check if Set is  Partition Combinatorics
Graph f(x) Parallel or Perpendicular Lines. Probability
Find Intersection Parallel or Perpendicular Lines. Proof by Induction
Find f(g(x)) composition Interval Notation Graph Theory
Find Inverse Solve 1 equation with 1 variable Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)
Find Symmetry Solve 2x2 systems of equations Marginal Analysis
Demand Analysis

Module:  Combinatorics

F1: Sets F2:  Counting Principle F3: n! F4:  nPr F5: nCr F6: Pascal Triangle F7: Exit
1 Do In/Exclusion Theorem Compute Compute Compute nPr Compute nCr Virtual Triangle Exit
2 Find Number of Subsets Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial Find nth Row
3 DeMorgan + other  Laws Example: License Plates nCr: N(at least x)
4 3 Venn Diagrams graphed Example:
Hot Dogs
nCr: N(at most x)
Binomial Theorem
Multinomial Coefficients
(NCn )* (KCk)

Module: Probabilities

F1:  Rules F2:  Cards F3: Dice F4: Marble F5: Coins F6: P(A or B) F7: Exit
1 Definition Examples Examples Examples Examples P(A or B) Exit
2 Properties P(A or B or C)
3 Odds P(A or B or C or D)
4 Compute Expected Value, Variance and Standard Deviation stepwise
5 Do Conditional Probability
6 Pick among the integers 1,2,.,N and compute probabilities