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 Solve any Equation or Inequality instantly...Step by Step

  • Users have boosted their Algebra knowledge.

  • Shows Step by Step solutions when

  • Solving equations Step by Step : including exponentials, logarithms, absolute value, linear functions, quadratic functions, power functions, etc
    Solving Logarithmic equations of any base
    Step by Step

  • Solving inequalities Step by Step

  • Solving system of equations Step by Step

  • Complex numbers Step by Step

  • Synthetic fractions Step by Step

  • Partial fractions Step by Step

  • Rationalizing the denominator Step by Step

  • Completing the square Step by Step

  • Computing powers, roots Step by Step

  • Solving Money problems Step by Step

  • Factoring by Groups Step by Step

  • and much more.

  • Ideal for quick review and homework check.

  • Easy to use. Just plug in and the correct answer shows.

  • Read the Documentation


"I have both SPME and Equation Solver and, to me, are some of the most useful software I have ever owned. I am an owner of a marketing consulting firm and work with two universities and their MBA programs (Quant. Analysis and Statistics courses for Marketing executives) and the software is easier to use and more intuitive than Excel. In addition, the support is industry leading. I have inquired many times for help and the step by step problem solving that was provided is a value add that exceeds the costs of the programs by many times. Support like that in today's world is unheard of. It is as though they wrote the software for me. I intend to purchase Accounting Finance Business Made Easy in the next few weeks."
Steve P, Director, SBP Group


 Sample Capabilities:

The main menu
Equation Solver -
Equation Solver -
Absolute Value
Equation Solver -
Logarithmic Equation  
Equation Solver -
Quadratic Equation


Equation Solver -
Trigonometric Equation


Inequality Solver
Solve 2x2 system via Elimination
Complex Numbers - Addition
Complex Numbers - Division
Equation Solver
Linear Equation
Factoring by Grouping
1 Equation with 2 variables