Discrete Math TI89 App with Step by Step Solutions

Solve Discrete Math questions stepwise using the TI89 Calculator

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 Solve any Discrete Math Problem instantly.

  • The most comprehensive Discrete Math APP for calculators.

  • Step by Step Analysis of..

  • Linear Programming

  • Marginal Analysis, Demand Analysis

  • Markoff Chains

  • Simplex Algorithm

  • Decision Analysis

  • Probabilities

  • Combinatorics

  • Functions

  • Vector and Matrices

  • Solve Equations

  • Leontief Model

  • Analytic Hierarchy Process

  • Logic with Set Theory, Truth Tables

  • Users have boosted their Discrete Math knowledge.

  • Ideal for quick review and homework check in Discrete Math classes.

  • Easy to use. Just plug in the equation and the correct answer shows.


Sample Capabilities:

View Truth Tables, Proposition Laws, Set Theory Facts.


Find the Properties of Functions.


Plot points, find their distance, midpoint, slope.

Find Linear Functions, parallel and perpendicular lines.

Solve Equations or System of Equations.


Do Combinatorics:
Find Combinations, Permutations, Factorials, Pascal Triangle.


Compute Matrices and Vectors and Markoff Chains


Read about and perform Vector operations.

Perform the Simplex Algorithm and Matrix operations.

Markoff Chains can be computed here.


Learn about and compute Probabilities.