Frequently Asked Questions
How do I transfer the applications to my calculator?

Using the Device Explorer of the TI Connect software, simply drag the saved application onto your TI Device Explorer window. Alternatively, right mouse click the app and select Send to TI Device.

How do I run the program?

After installing a "Made Easy" application, press APPS and select the application.

How do I reset the TI-89 memory?

Before resetting, you should back up your device using TI Connect. (Device Explorer → Actions → Backup Device).
There are 3 reset options:

  1. Take out all batteries for a moment
  2. Simultaneously press ON+SHIFT+LEFT+RIGHT
  3. Press 2ND6 (MEM) → F1 → ALL Memory
Next, reinstall the Made Easy Apps.

How do I receive the program?

Simply click the PayPal Buy Now button for the calculator that you own. Next, make your secure payment using a credit card or PayPal account. Programs can be downloaded at any time. The key will be automatically emailed after your payment is made. Keys for upgrades will be emailed within one day. Note: For upgrades please provide estimated time when software was originally purchased for verification. Next use the TI Connect software to transfer the application to your calculator and enter the key. Total time: 5 min.

How do I use the Calculus program?

Calculus Made Easy serves primarily three purposes:

  1. Solve calculus problem step by step. Enter the function and follow step by step to check if your homework problem was done correctly.
  2. Calculus concepts can be learned by viewing visual calculator animations.
  3. Teachers and students can immediately solve any Calculus problem. Even complicated problems (i.e. 2nd derivative, vertical tangent lines of implicitly defined curves, solutions to differential equations and slope fields, etc...) can be verified. Literally any problem can be solved with the Calculus Made Easy program, which is an enormous help!

How many of your programs fit onto my calculator?

All of them. The programs only use RAM memory when being used. Otherwise, they reside in Flash ROM.

What are the payment options?

Use PayPal to pay with a credit card or your PayPal account.

Alternatively, you may use Western Union. (Please contact us for the required WU information). Once paid, email us the Money Transfer Code and your Calculator ID. We will email you the key as soon as money is ready for pick up.

Can I get a new key for another calculator?

No. Each key purchase is per calculator only. In case of using a new calculator (due to loss, theft, malfunctioning, etc) the purchase of a new key is necessary.

What is a Site License?

If a program is not only used by one person (i.e. the teacher ) but made accessible to others such as students or other teachers within the school, a site license must be acquired by the school.