Numerical Analysis Made Easy 1.0
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TI92 Plus TI89 TI89 Titanium Voyage200

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  • The most comprehensive Numerical Analysis APP for calculators.
  • Step by Step Numerical Integration using Simplex 1/3 and 3/8,
    Midpoint, Rectangle or Trapezoid Methods.
  • Step by Step Interpolation using Conventional way or Lagrange Polynomials
  • Step by Step Solving Linear Systems: Gauss Elimination
  • Step by Step Simplex Algorithm
  • Step by Step Square Root Matrix
  • Step by Step Markov Chains
  • Step by Step Regression Analysis and Data Analysis
  • Step by Step Bisection, Newton and Fixpoint Methods
  • Step by Step Quadratic Formula and Completing the Square
  • Step by Step Fourier and Taylor Series Analysis
  • Step by Step Partial Fractions
  • Step by Step RREF : Reduced Row Echelon Method
  • Step by Step Eigenvector and Eigenvalue
  • Step by Step Fixpoint Method
  • Step by Step Newton, Bisection Methods
  • Step by Step Gauss Quadrature
  • Any type of Statistical Regression
  • Numerical Differentiation using the
    differential quotient, also applied to partial derivatives.
  • Solve Differential Equations numerically using Euler, Improved Euler with predictor step, Ralston, Heun, Runge Kutta or Midpoint Method
  • Regula Falsi, False Position
  • Gauss Seidel Method
  • Pi Approximation
  • Orthogonal Polynomials
  • Simpson Method
  • Tangent and Secant Lines
  • Cholesky, LU and QR Factorization
  • Cofactor, Adjugate
  • Conversion: Decimal to Binary and Hexadecimal and back.
  • Users have boosted their Numerical Analysis knowledge.
  • Ideal for quick review in all Numerical Analysis classes.
  • Easy to use. Just plug in and the correct answer shows.