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Version 4.0 updated 7/2012

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  F1:  Algebra F2:  Functions f(x) F3: Lines and more F4: Trigonometry F5:  Geometry F6: More F7: Exit
1 Compute and expression Definition of  a function Plotting Points Read  Trig Intro and Rules Find Distance & Midpoint Complex Numbers Exit
2 Solver to solve any equation or inequality Compute f(a) Find Distance, Midpoint, Slope Compute all sides and angles given leg and hypotenuse Find Slope & Lines Exponents and Logarithms About
3 Solve a 2x2 System
ALL (function properties)
All about y=|x| Compute all sides and angles given 2 legs Circle Matrices  
4 Simplify expressions Find Zeros of
All about y=k*x,
Compute all sides and angles given angle and opposite side Square Sequences  
5 Powers  - read rules and apply them Graph f(x) Find Point- Slope Form Compute all sides and angles given angle and adjacent side Rectangle Sigma Notation  
6 Roots - Find zeros. Find Intersection Find Slope-Intercept Form Compute all sides and angles given angle and hypotenuse. Parallelogram Combinatorics nPr, nCr  
7 STEPS: Roots, Power. Compute
Parallel or Perpendicular Lines. Identities Triangle Probabilities  
8 Factor numbers or polynomials Find f(g(x)) composition Perform the Quadratic Formula Degree to Radian conversion Pythagoras Proof by Induction  
9 Expand / Foil expressions Find Inverse Do the Quadratic Equation Radian to Degree conversion Sphere Conic Sections  
A Greatest Common Factor GCF of Polynomials Find Symmetry Apply: Throw Ball View UnitCircle incl. angles & coordinates. Cube Perform Binomial Theorem/ Expansion  
B Expand , Distribute +-*/ 2 Functions Apply: Maximum Profit   Angle Definitions    
C Read Factor, Foil Rules Synthetic Division
Complete the Square to find zeros        
D Find Common Denominator  Find Asymptote of a function Complete the Square to find Vertex        
E Simplify Fractions Find slant Asymptote of a function Circles and their Equation        
F Steps: Rationalize Fractions Find Domain of a function Interval Notation        
G Partial Fractions - Decomposition
Find Domain of
H Complex Partial Fractions - Decomposition
Find Range of a function          
I Read Fraction Rules Find Relative Min/Max of a function          
J 3 Laws: Distribution, .. Find Absolute Maximum of a function          
K   Find Absolute Minimum of a function          
L   Find Points of Inflection of a function          
N   Piecewise Defined Function          



Module: Complex Numbers

  F1:  Edit / View F2:  Operations F3: Tutorial F4: Exit
1 Edit Z1+Z2 Tutorial Exit
2 View Z1-Z2    
3 Graph Z1 Z2-Z1    
4 Graph Z2 Z1*Z2    
5 Graph Z1, Z2, Z1+Z2 Z1/Z2    
6   Z2/Z1    
7   |Z1|    
8   |Z2|    
9   Z1^n    
A   Z2^n    
B   Write own equation    



Module: Exponential & Logarithmic Functions

  F1:  Rules F2:  Functions F3: Solver F4: Exit
1 e=limit(1+1/n)^n Exponential Exponential Growth Exit
2 Exponents Logarithmic Money-Growth  
3 Logarithms Find a,b in y=a*b^x Effective Interest Rate  
4 Log: Compress Standard Normal Curve Logarithm Solver  
5 Log: Expand Logistic Curve Evaluate
6 Rewrite Log_b(y)=x as y=b^x   Solve any Equation  
7 Rule 72      
8 Change of base      


Module: Matrices & Vectors

  F1:  Exit F2:  Vectors F3: Operations F4: Edit/View
1 Exit Intro Intro Edit A
2   Graph A or A+B k*A Edit B
3   Length A or A+B A+B View A
4   Length(A) A-B View B
5   UnitVector A/|A| A*B Random Matrix(A)
6   Angle A to x-axis det(A) Random Matrix(B)
7   Dot Product(A,B) A-1 View AT
8   Cross Product(A,B) Cramer Rule View AT
9     A^n  
A     Solve nxn System  



Module: Sequence

2 Types
F2:  Sequences F3: Sums F4: Exit
1 Arithmetic Recursive Arithmetic Exit
2 Geometric Explicit Geometric  
3   Conv-Tester    
4   Find Formula    
5   Sequences & Series    



Module:  Combinatorics

  F1:  Counting Principle F2:  nPr F3: nCr F4: Pascal Triangle F5: Exit
1 Compute Compute nPr Compute nCr Virtual Triangle Exit
2 Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial Find nth Row  



Module: Probabilities

  F1:  Rules F2:  Cards F3: Dice F4: Marble F5: Coins F6: Compute F7: Exit
1 Definition Examples Examples Examples Examples Probability Exit
2 Properties            
3 Odds            
4 Expected Value            



Module:  Conics

  F1:  About Conics F2:  Analyze F3: Rotation F4: Exit
1 Intro Enter Coefficients Rotation of Axis Exit
2 Circle Enter Equation Rotation Equations  
3 Ellipse   Invariants  
4 Parabola      
5 Hyperbola      
6 Eccentricity