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 Solve any Chemistry problem instantly...

  • Users have boosted their Chemistry knowledge.

  • Shows Step by Step solutions for Chemistry topics.

  • Equation Balancer - Step by Step 

  • Stoichiometry - Step by Step : Find theoretical and %Yield, Limiting Reagent, etc (use moles, liters, gram, etc.) 

  • Molecule Mass Analyzer with % Mass Analysis - Step by Step

  • Empirical Formula - Step by Step 

  • Unit Converter

  • Compute using Significant Digits

  • Compound Formula Finder

  • pH Level Analyzer

  • Molality, Molarity, %Mass, Mole Fraction

  • Solutions

  • Temperature conversions (C, F, K)

  • Mass, Mole, Error, Density, Volume, Weight computations

  • 8 Gas Laws

  • Specific Heats

  • Entire Periodic Table with detailed (18) Information per Element

  • View Constants

  • Ideal for quick review and homework check.

  • Easy to use. Just plug in and the correct answer shows.

  • Read the Documentation


 Sample Capabilities:

Main Menu
Equation Balancer:
Ex1: Step by Step
Equation Balance Help:
Remove Parentheses

Ex2: Step by Step

Stoichoimetry - Step by Step
Find theoretical and % yield and limiting reagent.
Density, Mass, Volume - Solver
Molecule Mass Analyzer
Compound Formula Finder
Significant Figures:
Polyatomic Ions
pH Level Analysis
Significant Figures
Mass, Mole, Weight Solver
Search and Browse 24 Element information in Periodic Table

8 Gas Laws
incl. Ideal Gas Law, Boyle, Charles, Graham, Combined, Gay Lussac 


Look up Specific Heats



Convert Units -
Distance, Area, Volume, Speed,
 Acceleration, Time,
Temperature, Angle,
Pressure, Charge, Energy
View 11 Constants -
g, G, k, h, eV, e,
Electron, Proton Masses,
Speed of Light, Avog. Number,
Atmosph. Pressure
Molarity, Mole Fraction,
Molality, %Mass