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Solve Complex Analysis problems instantly...Step by Step

  • Complex Numbers Step by Step: Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Exponentiation, Convert Cartesian to Polar (Exponential) Coordinates, Polar to Cartesian Coordinates, Read Tutorial with Examples. Graph Complex Numbers.   

  • Perform DeMoivre Theorem Step by Step

  • Compute , Evaluate expressions involving Complex Numbers, Take the Square Root (Step by Step) , Find the Conjugate, Compute Arg(z), Modulus(z)

  • Solve any Complex Equation

  • Read Basics on Complex Analysis and Identities involving Trigonometric , Logarithmic, Exponential and Polynomial Functions, DeMoivre Theorem

  • f(z) and f(x,y) Step by Step Explorer finds zeros, conjugates, divergence, potential, gradient, curl, expands or factors expressions.

  • Compute Roots of Unity and Complex n-th Roots Step by Step 

  • Find Poles and Residuals of Functions Step by Step. 

  • ANALYSIS: Find Limits  and Derivatives Step by Step, Use Cauchy-Riemann Equations to check if Function is Analytic / Holomorph Step by Step.

  • Check if Function is Harmonic, Find Harmonic Conjugate Function  (Step by Step). Find Function f(x,y) given its real part u(x,y) .

  • INTEGRALS: Find Indefinite Integrals Step by Step. Compute Definite Integrals. Read Integration Rules.

  • Compute Curve Integrals along a path , Compute Contour Integrals using Function's Residuals (Step by Step).

  • FURTHER: Find Taylor Series and its Interval and Radius of Convergence. Determine its Errors. Check any Series for Convergence using Alternating Series Test., Geometric Series Test, the Integral Test. Find the Sum of any converging Series.

  • Perform Partial Fraction Decomposition Step by Step incl. the Cover up Method. 

  • Read Theorems on Analytic Functions (Morera, Cauchy , etc )

  • Read Definition of Continuity, Properties and Rules of Limits, Rules of to find Derivatives.

  • Read the Derivatives and Integrals of Power, Trig, Exponential and Logarithm Functions.

  • Read about Conformal Mapping.

  • Vector Calculus: Do the following: Derivatives, Gradient, Directional Derivative, Curl, Jacobian, Hessian, Laplacian, Taylors Theorem, Line Integrals, ArcLength, Surface Integrals, Surface Area, Gauss' Theorem, Green's Theorem, Stokes' Theorem, Nth Integral.

  • Differential Geometry: Frenet Frame, Curvature, Torsion, Involute, Plane Evolute, ArcLength Function, Unit Normal, Shape Operator, Mean Curvature, 1. and 2. Fundamental, Christoffel Symbol.        

  • Ideal for quick review and homework check.

  • Easy to use. Just plug in and the correct answer shows.

  • Read the Documentation

  • Read the CAME User Guide


 Sample Capabilities:

The main menu
Complex Numbers
Compute and Evaluate Expression
Complex Numbers computations
Step by Step
Divide 2 complex numbers Step by Step
DeMoivre Theorem
Step by Step
Convert Cartesian to Polar  Coordinates
Step by Step
Compute Pole and Residues Step by Step
Compute Square Roots
Step by Step
Explore Functions f(z)
Expand, Factor, Zeros, Poles
Convert Complex Functions f(z) to f(x,y)
Step by Step 
Solve any Complex Equation
Explore Functions f(x,y)
Expand, Factor, Zeros, Conjugate, Curl, Divergence, Gradient, Potential
Complex Roots of Unity
Steps to find f'(z)
Verify Cauchy Riemann Equations
Step by Step
Find Harmonic Conjugate
Step by Step
Check if Function is Harmonic
Step by Step
Find analytic function
f(x,y) from its real part
Step by Step
Integrate f(z)
Step by Step
Curve Integrals
Step by Step
Contour Integrals
Step by Step
Laplace Transform
Step by Step
Partial Fractions
Step by Step
Inverse LaPlace Transform
Step by Step
Solve Differential Equations using LaPlace Transform
Step by Step