User Guide –

Complex Analysis Made Easy









1)        General usage of the TI89/Voyage200

a) Multiplication of variables

b) Enter .5 instead of ˝ to obtain decimal answers.

c) Roots: i.e. 3√x

d) Denominators

e) Squaring sin(x)

f) Attention to parentheses:

g) Euler Number

h) Parentheses

x*y^2,  x*cos(x)


use ˝*x or .5*x 






I.e. ln(sin(5x))/(x^2-1)

e (using Diamond e^x)


xy^2,  xcos(x)









e (Alpha e)



2)        General usage of CAME

a) Use ESC to exit the current module or CAME altogether.

b) Incorrect Entries – see above - yield the error message: “Invalid Entry”. Press ENTER and correct expression.

c) To force decimal answers, use decimal input (see also 1b)     

d) Provide 100,000 of RAM and 170,000 of Flash ROM (to check:2nd 6). Deleting or archiving files may be necessary: use 2nd “–“ (VAR-LINK), F4 to select files, then F1 to delete or archive. Archiving might be a good way to manage programs, variables, etc as a loss of battery power may delete any unarchived files. 

e) Emptying the MAIN folder when starting CAME will prevent any file reoccurrences.

f) Use the latest Operating System (OS) using TI Connect. 




3)        Garbage Collection


Nothing to worry about. The calculator reorganizes memory for proper functioning of APPS such as CAME. 




4)        Incorrect Program Termination.

If CAME is not properly terminated using ESC, these two error messages may occur. Simply press ESC (up to 50 times) , then restart CAME.