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           Solve any Finance Accounting or Business problem instantly.    

Financial Management, Capital Management, Ratios, and the Basics: Assets, Liabilities, & Stockholderĺs Equity



I first bought one of these programs for my college algebra class over 2 years ago and loved it. I do not think I would have passed my class without it. Since then I have bought 10 of these programs and find uses for them everyday in my job. I used the statistics and the business programs for my Six Sigma master certificate 6 months ago. Let me tell you, these programs were a lifesaver as my six sigma black belt project concentrated heavily on statistics. I would highly recommend these programs to anyone who is looking to succeed.


You guys did a great job with this app (I bought "trig made easy" a few years ago, too). It just impresses me how you guys set up something more effectively and straight forward than many other big software companies.



Bonds, Bonds & more Bonds! -- Create amortization schedules, determine premiums and discounts, zeroes, effective interest rate, & rent!



Depreciation schedules made easy! Choose your method!  



Time Value of Money: easy Present Value & Future Value determination for principal, ordinary annuities, and annuities due!



   Pensions: Actual Return, Gain/Loss, Corridor, etc.                





Example Videos:


Discounted Payback Example


Real Debt Rate Example


Economic Order Quantity Example


Internal Rate of Return Example


Cost of Discount Example



Effective Annual Rate Example


Yield to Maturity Example


Capital Asset Pricing Example


Cost of Common Stock